How to write a code with Eclipse and JSoxLib

1. Download JSoxLib and unzip it.

2. Launch Eclipse. Then, File -> New Java Project -> set project name as you want (for example, SOXTest), then click Finish.

3. Copy several files into projects. JSoxLib.jar and "lib" directory in unzipped file. Also copy "example" directory in src directory of eclipse.

now like this.

4. Set build path for the libraries. Select SOXTest project -> Project -> Properties -> Libraries -> Add Jars.
Select all imported libraries. (actually all libraries is not needed, but just it's easy !)

Move to order and export, and select all, then click OK.

5. So now you are ready to launch sample program. Please launch program. Does it work ? If you are interest in source code of JSoxLib, please see src directory of unzipped directory.